Out of the Studio Exhibit at the Lichtenstein


Out of the Studio to open during First Fridays Artswalk on September 6

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(Pittsfield, Mass.)  Out of the Studio, featuring artists who have studios at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, will open during First Fridays Artswalk – Friday, September 6 with gallery hours from 5-7pm and open studios from 7-8pm.

The artists featured include:  visual and performing artists Mario Calouri; Rick Casucci; Peg Dotchin; Jim Horsford; Sean McCusker; Michael Rousseau; Jesse Tobin McCauley; Michael Vincent Bushy and Stefanie Weber, each contribute original artwork spanning multiple genres—from oil and water color paintings to performance based art.

A former professor at Berkshire Community College, Mario Calouri retired from teaching, including writing, literature, various humanities courses and painting. Calouri is primarily an abstract artist, practiced in painting, drawing, two-dimensional design and printmaking. He has always been concerned with patterns of forms that are alike, yet different, suggesting something of the mysterious and perhaps primeval forces in nature and ourselves. Currently, his spontaneous focus has become the simultaneity of human instincts and emotions.

Rick Casucci is an artist, graphic designer, and digital marketer from Pittsfield, MA. He has a B.F.A in Painting and Drawing from the School of Visual Arts and a B.F.A. in Visual Communication-Digital Design from American Intercontinental University. The goal of Rick’s work is to reveal or discover some hidden truth. He attempts to explore his own unconscious in search of collective archetypes, and hidden fears and desires. The revelations are sometimes personal, but his hope is that the work reveals something essential about the very nature of being human.

For Peg Dotchin, the changing of seasons, contrasts, light, color and atmosphere presents an endless challenge, particularly in the paths and roads of the Berkshires. Peg earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Massachusetts in 1994. Even a familiar place can offer her a visual experience that is perpetually fresh, as she works to capture the emotion of a scene not the image. The luscious colors afforded to her in the pastel medium help to bring life to her landscapes, though a challenge always lies in the exploration of patterns and colors in a given scene.

Jim Horsford ventured into pottery on the wheel beginning at UMass Amherst in 1972, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. His next 30 years were spent as an art teacher at Herberg Middle School in Pittsfield, working mainly with clay and slab work. . During that time, he also began teaching classes in wheel throwing at Miss Hall’s School from 1978-1984. Horsford earned a Master’s degree in Creative Arts and Learning at Lesley College in 1993, furthering his love of teaching the technique of throwing to beginners. Currently, he offers wheel-throwing classes here at the ceramic studio in the basement of the Lichtenstein to people with ability levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Living in the quiet town of Middlefield, Mass., Sean McCusker grew an affinity for his quaint surroundings in its quiet, hilly landscape, channeling his focuses on developing striking surreal landscapes full of color and mystery. The complexity of his work is what makes McCusker’s paintings so desirable, adding contrast and drama through the 30-or-so thin layers of painting that go in to each piece. His work mirrors the themes of a traditional Greek drama, representing characters and objects as emotional archetypes while evoking an allegorical protagonist as the focal point of his pieces.

Michael Rousseau is a Pittsfield native. His attention to detail is evident in all of his paintings, from his figures to his landscapes and still life compositions. His explorations into the history of oil painting materials and techniques have led him to adopt methods from the High Renaissance to modern masters. His major influences range from Michelangelo, Leonardo and Caravaggio to Rembrandt, Sargent and Odd Nerdrum. A double graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, MAT), his work is collected internationally.

Jesse Tobin McCauley is a painter and graphic designer working in the Berkshires. She received her degree from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. Jesse has worked as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, New York and the Berkshires and is currently the Director of Creative at Main Street Hospitality. She also sits on the board of the Berkshire Art Association. As a Pittsfield native, she was a part of the art collective, Group W that held large scale exhibitions in a steel fabrication plant in Pittsfield. Currently she is a member of the art crew, The Tobin Trifecta. She has participated in numerous solo and group shows and recently published a color-your-own graphic novel, The Berkshire Buzzsaw, with artwork by her father, the late artist, F.X. Tobin.  Born into a visually expressive family, she was constantly introduced to and surrounded by new art. She begun creating at an early age and was always experimenting with different media and forms – concentrating on paint, paper & fiber. Her paintings are acrylic on canvas and paper – bursts of bold, bright, saturated color. They evoke a feeling of happiness through the flood of interacting abstract color.

Michael Vincent Bushy is a bookbinder, printmaker and educator living and working in Pittsfield. He is not good at managing his time, but stitches a mean book, so it all evens out.”

Stefanie Weber is an action-based dance artist, performer, manual movement therapist (Gyrotonic and CranioSacral Fascial), educator, and poet. She directs They Dance For Rain in Nairobi, Kenya, “The People’s Tap Dance Theater” with Community Access to the Arts (CATA), and she is the founder of The Fancy Nancy Foundation. Outside of her artistic refuge, Stefanie Weber • Physical Poetry, she performs with Nutshell Playhouse and Tap & Blues: Two White Girls & The Backbeat. She can also sometimes be seen dancing with Moving Arts Exchange. Stefanie books clients for private sessions in the Berkshires at Bella Grazia Studio and Canyon Ranch in South County and Movement Matters Healing Arts in North County.

Click the links below for special events throughout the month, hosted by artist Stefanie Weber.

Out of the Studio will be on display through Friday, September   27th.  Gallery hours are Wed-Fri 11am-4pm or by appointment.

The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts is a community arts center housed in a historic building in Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District.  Inside, there’s an exhibiting art gallery and performance area, workshops, working artist studios, a ceramic studio and a darkroom.  Located at 28 Renne Avenue off of Fenn Street, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts is named in honor of Kitty Lichtenstein, an extraordinary arts benefactor in the Pittsfield community and beyond, who donated the building to the City of Pittsfield.