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WYNT: Arts bring jobs to Pittsfield


As originally published on WYNT.com

By John McLoughlin

June 26, 2012

WYNT The Colonial Theatre City of Pittsfield, MA Americans for the Arts Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

Courtesy of Ray Zanta/WYNT

Jobs are all-important in these tough times, and the City of Pittsfield says you can help the bottom line by staging musicals, like “Fiddler on the Roof” or “A Chorus Line.”

The City of Pittsfield says the amount of economic activity generated by non-profit arts group in that city has grown by nearly 50 per cent in just five years, and just as important. Nearly 800 jobs have been generated, including, of course, the role of Tevye in Fiddler.

“Broadway in the Berkshires,” “Fiddler” is the latest offering here at the Barrington Stage Company, and, it’s got people lined up for half-price tickets.

Pittsfield’s mayor is all excited today about a nationwide survey on arts and their economic impact.The study found that more than $25 million are spent annually on arts in Pittsfield a huge jump producing 762 jobs.

At Pittsfield’s “Third Thursday” celebration last week, cast members and apprentices from “A Chorus Line” about to open at the Old Colonial, The Colonial and the Barrington the biggest reasons for the arts renaissance.

Half a million dollars to bring the Barrington company to Pittsfield hoping, of course, to attract “other” jobs, non-arts jobs here.

Several of these theaters in the Berkshires offer half-price tickets on day of performance. Interested parties should check the company you’re interested in. “Fiddler on the Roof” has been at the Barrington in Pittsfield since June 14 and it closes on July 14 “A Chorus Line,” just down the street, at The Colonial, opens next week, July 2, and it runs through July 21.

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