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Thursday Live featuring Duffy & Erin at Marketplace Cafe

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Duffy and Erin Portsmitt's Lakeway Restaurant Pittsfield MADuffy and Erin are an acoustic duo with their own unique rhythm. Michael Duffy plays guitar, and the two harmonize to hits ranging from Journey and the Eagles to Adele and Jason Mraz. They met on a college stage playing Cinderella’s “evil” stepsister and Prince “Charming.” Not much has changed. Music has always been a big part of Michael and Erin’s relationship, and their theatrical endeavors at Westfield State College kept them musically involved until they graduated. As teachers in Pittsfield, they both perform each day to engage their students.

In 2011, Duffy and Erin stopped playing for their living room couch and started at Berkshire open mics. Apparently, people liked what they heard, and now you can catch Duffy and Erin around Pittsfield at various pubs, restaurants, and cafes. They play the songs people belt out in the shower and are working on a few originals. Mostly, they just enjoy life and how much music improves it!

Thursday, January 31 | 6:30pm–8:30pm | The Marketplace Cafe | 53 North St. | 413-358-4777 | No cover

General Info

Venue: Marketplace Cafe
Style: Family Friendly, Music & Nightlife, Downtown
Dates: Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013