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WXW WinterInvitational Slam at y Bar

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WXW winter invitational poetry slam – slam with a twist – the spoken word equivalent of an obstacle course. With prizes at stake, competing wordsmiths will face a different challenge revealed just prior to each round.

The six poets invited to perform are drawn from the Berkshire area as well as New York City.

Berkshire poets include two time WXW Poetry Slam champion Curtis Asch, teacher, poet and larger than life character; WXW Poetry Slam runner up Elizag, author, teacher/mentor, and recent finalist at the Urbana Poetry Slam; and WXW audience favorite Seth Brown author, member of the Royal Berkshire Improv Troupe, former stand-up comic, and WXW 2010 Poetry Slam champion.

New York poets include Omar Holmon, WXW alum (2011), 4 time grand slam champion – Loserslam Grandslam (x2), Nuyorican Grandslam and  Urbana GrandSlam; Ian Khadan, poet, editor, producer, performance coach and curator (Urbana Poetry Slam); and Jared Singer who has appeared on the Indiefeed Performance Poetry Podcast and represented NYC with the Urbana Slam team at the National Poetry slam multiple times.

The Twist
The WXW Winter Invitational Slam will pit the 6 poet/performers against each other for fun and prizes, with a twist. Prior to each round of poems a special condition will be drawn by an audience member from a hat. The conditions may apply to the poets content or to their presentation. The imposing of conditions or limitations to a round is intended to complicate the poets’ competitive strategizing, forcing them out of their comfort zone.

The WXW Winter Invitational Slam will be hosted by Berkshire-based poet, mentor and teacher Melissa Quirk.

Tuesday, January 29 | 8pm | Y Bar | 391 North Street | No Phone | $5

General Info

Venue: Y Bar
Style: Workshops, Readings, & Talks, Downtown
Dates: Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013