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Vincent, a one-man play in two acts at Barrington Stage

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In Vincent van Gogh’s lifetime, he sold only one painting, for four hundred francs. His critics labeled his work “madness” in which “blood and fire appear to have usurped the place of color.” But Vincent van Gogh’s story is so much more than that of “the talented madman who cut off his own ear.” His life was one of great passions, and even greater turmoil, ultimately ending in suicide one summer day in 1890.

This intimate play about the lonely, misunderstood genius comes directly from Vincent’s own words and those of his closest ally, his brother Theo. Leonard Nimoy, who wrote and originally performed Vincent, did years of painstaking research on the hundreds of letters between Vincent and Theo. Most of the story is told by Theo, but at times, the actor becomes Vincent and embodies the loving, passionate, combative, fierce, stubborn, outrageous, exasperating, moody, amazing, and brilliant man so cherished by his brother. This play is not simply a biographical work, but one filled with drama, conflict, humor and beauty.

“To act well in this world, one must sacrifice all personal desires. The people who become missionaries of religious thought have no other Fatherland than this thought. Man is not on earth merely to be happy, nor even simply to be honest. He is here to realize great things for humanity, to attain nobility, and to surmount the vulgarity of nearly every individual.” — Ernest Renan, Vincent van Gogh’s Favorite Quote

“The actor doesn’t have the stage to himself. He plays against the celebrated artist’s brilliant paintings projected on [a] large screen.” —Variety

Cast & Creative Team:

Leonard Nimoy
Brant Pope
James Briggs
Scott Pinkney
Barbara Pope
Jeff Roudabush
Tracy Wertheimer
Christopher Donovan

Friday-Sunday, December 14-30 | Wed & Thurs 7pm; Fri & Sat 8pm; Sun  4pm; Matinees Sat 12/22 and 12/29 4pm | Barrington Stage Company St. Germain Stage | 36 Linden Street | 413-236-8888 | $30

General Info

Venue: Barrington Stage Company
Style: Theatre & Dance, Downtown
Dates: Dec 14, 2012
Dec 14, 2012