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Watermarks: Film and Talk at Congregation Knesset Israel

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The Jewish Federation of the Berkshires presents the film documentary and program Watermarks which will focus on the champion women swimmers of the legendary Jewish Austrian Sports Club, Hakoah Vienna.  The presentation will be facilitated by Stella Schecter who was a swimmer at Hakoah. 

While Hakoah Vienna, “The Strength” in Hebrew, achieved astonishing success in diverse sports, its best-known triumphs came from its women swimmers, who came to dominate Austrian national competitions.

Escaping the Holocaust, Watermarks, a 2004 production, details the reunion of the women, now living around the world, as director Yaron Zilberman meets them in their homes and arranges for them to have a reunion in their old swimming pool in Vienna – a journey that evokes memories of youth, femininity, and strengthens lifelong bonds of the swimmers, now in their eighties.

Schecter has noted that initially, in an attempt to throw off suspicion, Hitler had wanted the women of Hakoah to represent Germany in the 1936 Olympics, but in a change of heart the Nazis closed the club down.

Monday, December 10 | 1pm | Congregation Knesset Israel | 16 Colt Road | 413-442-4360 x 15 | $3

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Venue: Congregation Knesset Israel
Style: Movies, Workshops, Readings, & Talks
Dates: Dec 10, 2012
Dec 10, 2012